winzip解压软件下载|WinZip Pro 27.0 Build 15240 25.0 Final 绿色便携版(32

WinZip 是具有独创性且全球最受欢迎和信赖的文件压缩软件。它可分享其他任何压缩实用软件所不具备的易用性、全面的功能集以及提高工作效率的途径,这使 WinZip 成为业界的黄金标准。使用 WinZip,您可以快速压缩和解压缩文件,节省存储空间、提高电子邮件发送速度并缩短文件上载/下载时间。WinZip 还分享保护敏感数据的强大 AES 加密功能、知识兔将文件打包成便利压缩包

winzip 作为首创且最为流行的面向 windows 的压缩工具,更是一个强大而易用的工具。它可以迅速压缩和解压您的文件以节省磁盘空间及显著减少电子邮件传输时间。
winzip解压软件下载|WinZip Pro 27.0 Build 15240 25.0 Final 绿色便携版(32

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WinZip 23.0 更新日志NEW! Prompt to unzip on openNow you can instantly unzip any Zip file in Explorer, or from the WinZip Files Pane, the WinZip Ribbon or File menu. Easily unzip files to the folder that it originated from, your Documents folder, or a folder that you choose! NEW! Unzip to file pane folderWith a single click of a button, you can unzip any file to the selected folder in the Files Pane. NEW! Faster start-up performanceNow you can strictly focus on the task at hand and not on whether the WinZip application has launched because WinZip now takes half the time to start up. Work faster and eliminate the risk of launching multiple WinZip windows. NEW! Image Format ConversionQuickly and easily reduce image file size and convert images from one format to another, for example, from jpg to png. Add to a Zip file or save to your desktop for multi-use. NEW! Remove personal data from filesEasily remove personal data (EXIF) from various files so that when they are shared, your information is not included. Secure any of the following file types to ensure they do not contain additional data that, while not typically visible, may be personal: DOC/DOCX, GIF, JPG (JPEG), PDF, PNG, PSD, PPT/PPTX, and XLS/XLSX. NEW! POSIX TAR supportYou can now open and unzip POSIX TAR files in the updated compression format. NEW! WinZip Express copy to clipboardWinZip Express enables you to share files in many ways, now including the clipboard! Easily place a cloud link for any file onto the clipboard where it may be pasted into other apps for sharing. NEW! Address Book optionsYou can now send a message via WinZip emailer to a one-time recipient and not add it to your contacts list. There is also a new option to never add recipients that are manually entered. This is particularly useful during a job search or any repetitive activity whereby a message is sent to a receiver you will likely never communicate with a second time. NEW! Enterprise-Wide Password ProtectionEnterprises can recover encrypted files left by past employees or during forensic audits, quickly and easily, to avoid significant downtime.Enterprise only. NEW! Hide Enterprise Ribbon ButtonsIn the enterprise version of WinZip, buttons for disabled features will no longer be shown and therefore cannot be clicked on. No more confusion around what is and isn??t available, sparing needless cycles and erroneous admin tickets.Enterprise only. NEW! Slack SupportNow Enterprise users can enjoy WinZip??s file sharing features using their Slack enterprise solution. Share files and zip files via Slack IM and choose contacts from within Slack??s Contacts; streamlining workflow and eliminating unnecessary steps.Enterprise only. NEW! UI ConfigurationNow Enterprise users largely interested in compression functionality may tap into the Classic interface, which hides the files and actions pane and displays only the ribbon. This can be facilitated upon initial set up and users may later change settings if they prefer to use features beyond compression.Enterprise only. NEW! Job Wizard Skip EDP Work FilesEnterprise users may now use the Job Wizard to back up personal files in a Windows Protected Environment (WIP), without having to manually suppress work files.Enterprise only. ENHANCED! Zip File EncryptionYou can now easily encrypt an existing Zip file with a click of a button on the Tools ribbon. The WinZip tools tab on the ribbon makes it simple to choose all or selected files in an existing open Zip file, and encrypt them in one step. This time-saving technique vastly eliminates room for error. ENHANCED! Encryption options for new filesWhen updating a Zip file which contains encrypted files, WinZip automatically applies encryption to the replacements. Prompting of the password for the original file protects against unauthorized access. ENHANCED! Password ProtectionEncrypted files within a Zip file cannot be deleted without knowing the password. This new default minimizes erroneous file deletion. ENHANCED! “Move” files more easilyA new Move button alongside the Add button makes it clearer for you to either add or move files into a Zip file.