FotoSketcher 3.90 绿色版(图片素描化工具)

FotoSketcher是一款优秀的数码相片处理软件,知识兔可以快速把图片变成铅笔素描画,知识兔帮助你创建类似真实素描的艺术作品。FotoSketcher分享了超多种不同效果的效果处理,分为黑白素描还有彩色素描,并且知识兔FotoSketcher 处理速度也非常的快速,内置分享几十种自动素描方式。

FotoSketcher 新版增加了很多功能,知识兔打开一张图片后会自动弹出绘制参数对话框(Drawing parameters),每种方式也都可以调整很多参数,如颜色强度、明亮度、纹理设置等,还可以添加文本,知识兔支持中文输入,支持批量处理。

3.10 更新日志This is a maintenance release, with quite a few bug fixes, optimizations and interface improvements. Here are some of the changes: – the DPI default value has been set to 300 for better printing quality. – although transparency in PNG images (alpha channel) is not supported by FotoSketcher, transparent pixels will no longer appear black. They will now be converted to white pixels (much prettier!). – the donation screen (coffee cup icon) has been simplified and will lead to a unified PayPal screen. – when using JPG images, the compression quality has been improved for fewer artifacts (save to PNG or BMP if you want maximum image quality). – a visual bug with the Emergence 2 effect has been corrected. Sometimes the preview image would be pasted to the main result image in the top left corner. – some z-order problems have been solved. – a memory leak has been hunted down and solved. – when running a script (F5), FotoSketcher will be automatically minimized until the end of the process. If you wish to see the script running, just click on the FotoSketcher icon in the Windows task bar.